Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A small clutch and more wall deco

I've been busy today. Milwaukee is in a blizzard warning and today I was able to stay home today (and still be paid! Bonus!) So right away after breakfast I finished quilting my wall hanging that I bought fabric for yesterday. I worked as a park ranger from 2007 to 2008 while I was in college, and it was one of the best jobs a person could ask for! Especially in college! I talked to people all day! It was excellent!!! This is my way of reminding myself of that time!

Last night (before the worst of the blizzard hit and our internet went out) I purchased a purse pattern from Pink Chalk fabrics! I love purchasing patterns from them. A, they have a TON of them! B, they offer free shipping 365 days a year on patterns to anywhere in the U.S.! What could be better? And some of their patterns are even PDF downloads that are sent to you within seconds of your purchase!

This is the Keyka Lou Zip Clutch pattern that I used, and then I adjusted it slightly and added a "D" ring on the side and created a clip on handle. There are three sizes that you can make, this is the largest of the three. This will hold my camera, my small wallett and my car keys perfectly!

I can also take the handle off and just use it as a clutch! I love this little thing!

I love the batiks I found for this little guy! The lining is the same purple that I used to make the sash on the outside. And the outside fabric is a bit more golden-orange than the photos show.

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