Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yep....another blog for another hobby!

As you all probably know already, in true quilter fashion, I begin lots of projects, work on a few, and finish only a couple. I always have about 10 projects in some variation of completeness and the "sickness" is spreading beyond the quilt studio.

Tonight you will find one more blog added to the world wide web. I am beginning my very own photography business. I have a great camera, and a brand new Photoshop CS5 program to explore. Hopefully I'll be able to take senior photos, wedding photos, baby photos, and any other kind of photos that people want! As soon as I am able to explore the Photoshop and put a copyright on some of my photos, I'll have them up on the blog for you to peruse through! :) I'm so excited about this and hope that you are too! See you there!