Friday, May 7, 2010

Keyhole Quilt!

Well, it's finally finished!!! After a whirlwind affair with my sewing machine and this fabric, my little Frankenstein is finally done! The jelly rolls I used were from Island Batik. They worked out pretty well, but there was a few strips that were "bow-ed", and that made for lots of trimming.....

It's a little bit larger than queen sized so it drapes over the edge of the bed at a great level. I didn't have a pattern, so I made one up! Whoever invented graph paper is a genius! Although some of the seams were way off for some reason, and I'm sure Diane must have had a great laugh when she was quilting it! :)

I took the quilt outside and laid in it....I never wanted to get up! The pattern was easy enough to make, so I might have to make another one in the near future - but maybe in a different color scheme. I'm not so keen on making quilts that look identical. It just seems to cheat the first quilt of it's uniqueness.