Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I need my quilting mojo back!

I quilted my cousins college graduation quilt in record time....by my standards.  However, the string of crafted things is just starting to unravel.  I need to complete a gift for my friends wedding in June....quilting that myself.  And then my sister's wedding is in July....I'm working on making her a quilt, but haven't even cut the fabric yet.

Although, in my defense, the weather has been gorgeous the past week or so.  And my cousin Ben and I had the opportunity to go out and play some tennis before work.  That was a blast!  Sometimes it's easier to go outside than it is to feel like I'm "stuck" in my quilting studio, with 5 different lamps on, the iron on hot, and my sewing machine humming along.  

What pattern would you use if you had bigger prints and some smaller prints?  Any ideas?  What pattern is your "go-to" when you need a project for someone?