Monday, December 20, 2010

Home-made retreat

How many of you would go to every quilting retreat you could....except you can't afford them? I'm one of you. I'd LOVE to go to every quilting retreat I could find, except my pocketbook would absolutely hate me. It'd probably pack up and leave me high and dry. So, with that foot being put down, I decided to call one of my friends from college (whom I tought to quilt), my mom, and my great aunt and see if they wanted to join in and have a retreat on our own! It finally happened last weekend, December 10th to the 12th!!!

My mom and aunt both had Pinafore purses cut out, and they had a blast getting motivation from each other through their "ordeal". From the time they began sewing, it probably took them a good 10-12 hours...but there was TONS of laughing involved! :)

I was able to begin a quilt for my friend that's having a baby. It matches the burp clothes I made her!

This is my quilting friend from college, Kristi. A few years ago we went into a quilt shop near where we went to college and she bought this batik kit! And the top is finally finished!

When I was in a quilt guild last year I joined in a block exchange and these blocks I made into a wall hanging for my quilting room. The binding is finally on!

Three people sewed at the table, and then my mom had the island and we put the cutting mat next to her.

This of course was the very same weekend it decided to snow two feet in Eau Claire, Wisconsin! My friend and I loved it though!!! Except for getting up by 5:00 am to go out and shovel the sidewalk all the way to our cars. This is Kristi, I'm shoveling in the background. We had 1 shovel between 3 we took shifts! :)

When it finally stopped snowing, this is what the driveway looked like....there are two Buicks under there somewhere! :) I LOVE THAT MUCH SNOW!!! And here in Milwaukee it rained over an inch when it snowed over two feet in Eau Claire! I'm not sure what I like more, quilting, or playing in this much snow!