Monday, February 21, 2011

It had to happen eventually....

Well it had to happen eventually, and I'd better do it before a part breaks or I'm forced to take it to the repair shop. I'm telling myself that not quilting for two days is a good thing. Today I took my sewing machine in to have it serviced for the first time ever in 4 years. It should be done by Wednesday, but without a sewing machine in my studio, it looks pretty empty despite all the half quilt projects and scraps strewn about! I could iron and cut fabric for another quilt....but I think 4 projects going on at once is enough for now....especially with all the wedding stuff going on lately! :)

Scott ordered my wedding ring today, his is safe at home, we sent our save the dates out last week, we have a meeting with the church ladies later next month, my dress is in the alteration stage and everything is coming together! All this planning though, and it's over in about 8 hours. Maybe afterwards I'll just wear my dress around the house....every once in a while! :)