Sunday, August 7, 2011

Say 'Yes!' to the Dress!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted more frequently! The clock is running down on time until the wedding and there are too many things to do! Just keeping up with the photographer, cake person, organist, the church, reception site, the rehearsal site, hair appointments.....the list goes on and on. I just haven't had much time to quilt lately.

However, I have had time this morning to sit myself down on the couch and watch Say Yes to the Dress for an hour. Which is ironic because my wedding gown is hanging in my quilting studio! :) I'll post some photos after the wedding, just in case Scott ever looks at my blog! :) Man! Some of the women on the show are spending waaayyy too much on a dress that they could go somewhere else, a small town boutique, and get the same thing for half the price! The place that I found mine at would match any price with any other shop across the country! And they had a deal that the bridesmaid dresses were $25 off each if I bought my dress there. So four of my five bridesmaids were able to come a weekend last October and we had a whole weekend of hanging out and looking at dresses! It was fantastic!

The big day is October 1st, so in less than two months there's lots for me to do! I'll try and post a few odds and ends I've been working on, but please don't feel like I'm neglecting you if I don't! :)