Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clean.....not even CLOSE!

Scott lit a fire under my butt to get cleaning tonight. While I was going through everything I was reminded that a few people wanted to see where I keep everything. Here's a couple pictures that don't even include my sewing table (it's too much of a mess to make digital proof of it) and my notion boxes on my ironing board (which you can't even see at the moment). So, here you go everyone that asked me about where I put everything. Remember, you asked for it! And if you didn't, maybe it's wise to quit reading while you're ahead! :)

We'll start with my kit cubby. I keep all of my thread on the top. There's really no other place in the apartment to put it! :)

People ask me what I do with all of my fabric and kits when I'm not working on them! For the most part with my fabric, every once in a while I "pet" it. All you quilters know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. To everyone else I just sound crazy. Hey, some people have lots of cats, some have lots of fabric! Choose fabric, it's more hygienic, and PETA doesn't come after you.

Here, I'll start from the top and move my way down and explain where I quite literally shove all of my goodies! :)

Shelf #1:
My 505 spray, a container of beads, a mug of miscellaneous....
All of my quilting books and a couple of sketch notebooks
A binder for everything I print off or have rolling around the place here
About half of my patterns!!!

Shelf #2: (this one's a biggy!)
Besides my Retayne, pens, glue, angelina fiber and some steam a seam.....
6 Bali pops
a fat quarter bundle of Eva
About 6 charm packs of Eva
About 10 charm packs of Neptune
4 Neptune honey buns
6 Neptune jelly rolls
A Crazy Eight turnover
2 Arcadia jelly rolls
2 charm packs of Blush

Shelf #3:
All of my Bigfork Bay Cotton Company kits
  • Wild Girl (2)
  • Wading
  • On the Prowl
  • Summer Serenity
  • Spirit
  • Spring Storm (2)
  • Tatanka
  • Winter Wolf (3)
Plus a kit to make a pinwheel with some fuschia Maywood Studio fabric
A few more McKenna Ryan kits (about 6 or so)
A fat quarter bundle for Holly Taylor Canoe Country
A kit for a rubber ducky baby quilt
Some yardage for Urban Couture, Figgy Pudding, and Neptune
Two plastic containers of scraps from previous quilts

The Bottom Shelf:
A purse pattern
4 Twiggy jelly rolls
A couple of wall hanging kits Scott bought me
McKenna Ryan's Out and About (the complete kit)
McKenna Ryan's When Friends Gather (the complete kit)
McKenna Ryan's In Full Bloom (the complete kit)
A fat quarter bundle for Urban Couture and Crazy Eight
And then there's a few more random kits stuffed behind these too.....

Here's a picture of the pile of stuff I still have to go through. In the bottom tote is huge pieces of fabric, backings, flanel for pants, stuff that I don't use very often.....The light blue tub is where I put some of my quilts when they're not out and about. The other various tubs hold thread, hangers and pieces for my gingerbread cookie men that I make at Christmas. And then of course there's fabric that I haven't put into it's correct "category" in my stash!

Last but not least, here's a picture of my stash. I know. OUT OF HAND!!! You should have seen it before I had the shelving. One day Scott told me to go out and buy shelving for it if I was going to have this much fabric, so I did, and I do! But yikes. Enough already Katie!!! My only saving grace is that I have it organized! On the top first three piles are batiks, then outdoorsy stuff, cartoons, bugs, a few by "things-I-thought-I'd-make-but-am-just-not-getting-around-to", and then holiday is on the bottom! :)

Well, what do you think? Besides the obvious reason that I have too much of everything. What would you do differently? And no mom, I'm not giving it all to you!