Thursday, February 24, 2011

Perfect old shoes.

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that fit like a second skin? The arch support was perfect, the laces tied up just right, and they fit like an old glove! After loving these shoes and wearing them everywhere, they might get a hole in them, or the sole will start to peel, or the tongue rips out. Then you can just go back to the same store where you found the first pair and get another, right? WRONG!

It's the same way with sewing machines. A Singer isn't just any Singer. A Bernina isn't compared to a Pfaff. And one make and model is completely different from the next! With this in mind about a year ago I searched online for a twin of my machine. When I first got my machine, it was just whatever was $150 from Target at the time, but it's a metal beast that does everything I need it to. I'm used to the buttons, the levers and the hooks for the feed dogs, the reverse button....everything. I. Love. It. Target no longer carried my same machine, a Singer 5050C. Ok, so I'll just search google and see what I find. Well, there's one down in North Carolina and it's $150 without shipping (which is another good $40). Or there's one over in Colorado that's $169, also without shipping. I finally found one just by searching Craig's List and garage sale-ing around Milwaukee! :)

Recently I took them both in and had them serviced. My original is VERY broken in and loose, and the new one still needs some breaking in, but I'm sure I'll put it to good use eventually!

Don't forget to get a second pair of your favorite shoes, before they're nowhere to be found!

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  1. So true, so true. I, too, have an old Singer that is my tried and true! Friends recently talked me into a fancy new Pfaff but I find myself going back to my old Singer time and time again!