Sunday, February 27, 2011

A new conversational piece for a future bag!

The other day I was looking on (I always find something I NEED on there) for some large buttons for a bag I want to make, and I stumbled across this....

photos courtesy of Lynnaddison

It's a fantastic vintage Victorian button from the Ellsworth & Thayer Manufacturing Company that manufactured leather driving with no seam where the thumb connects to the palm, welding gloves and railroad gloves from 1890 to 1920! I am left to assume the first world war took it's toll on the company and forced it to shut it's doors. They employed 67 men, 67 women, and one person under the age of 16. Their office building was one building that was more than 3 stories high on Wells Street in Milwaukee. It's a black composite advertising button that's pre-Bakelite material.

If only this button could talk! I especially love the way that the thread over the years has worn between the holes! This button originated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, somehow over the years found it's way down to Arizona, and now it's back in Milwaukee about 100 years after it was made!

The etsy shop owner, Lynn, took these photos and has graciously allowed me to use them for this blog! Thank you Lynn! :) Check out her etsy shop for more neat buttons, buckles and vintage items!

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