Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sister's birthday present....check!

To say that my sister loves horses is a giant understatement. She. LOVES. horses. And a while ago my mom gave me a horse applique pattern that I started right away. Needless to say, that applique took a day to trace, about 5 minutes to iron on, and about six months to cut out! :) One night I was tired of shifting the blue horse part around my quilting room and I sat down, cut the rest out, ironed it on to the background, quilted it, bound it, and then put the hanging sleeve on. To top it off I used a batik on the back that has horses printed on it! To cut out some of it I cheated and used a 18mm rotary cutter for the mostly straight parts.

The spool is just to show the general size. She can either use it for a table topper or hang it up on the wall!

Hopefully she likes it. She lives out in Wyoming and has a couple horses, so I thought this would be neat to put on her wall.

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