Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick lap quilts

Here's a couple of lap quilts that I made in late 2009, and finished in January, 2010.

This first one is a Moda Arcadia lap quilt! I love the colors, although Scott thinks it looks like 1970's vomit. To each their own I guess! :)

And I don't particularly like just piecing two fabrics together for the back. I'd much rather put some eye-catching piece in there! This was also the first quilt that I bound by hand. It took me a while....I'm not used to sitting in one place hand stitching!

I fell in love with this Nordic lap quil pattern the moment I saw it, and I've loved Figgy Pudding but didn't quite know what to do with it! Fate has a funny hand in things sometimes! I found this pattern at a quilt shop that was going out of business, so it was about 160% off....I couldn't resist!

I know the angle is funny, but the quilt was on the floor while I took pics. I used a tear-away interfacing for the snowflakes. It worked pretty well, but next time I might use something else, just to try it.

Once again, I cannot resist putting something interesting on the back! And this way it helps me know which way is up and down on the quilt! All of my piecing on lap quilts is perpendicular to the direction of the quilt!

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