Friday, March 4, 2011

In about 24 hours, this is what I did....

I worked at my LQS Wednesday night, and then ended up getting home and began to cut from the blue/gray fabric that I had recently received. I started quilting at about 10:00 and then I finally finished the top last night at 11:30. I also squeezed in sleeping and working at my day job in there!

Scott was a huge help in picking out border colors, the strip and he's even helping me pick out a flange to put just inside the binding. He actually has really good color taste! :)

I used the New Wave quilt tutorial by Oh, Fransson! If you want to use the pattern, check out her .pdf file for the quilt!

What are your thoughts? I have the medium gray (on the bottom of this last photo) and then I was going to bind it in the same color. I'd like to use the denim blue or the light ash gray (the two that I used as solid strips) as the flange. The light ash would make it stand out, but is the quilt too busy? Should I use the blue and calm it down a little?

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