Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two more projects off my list!

I finally trimmed and bound my weird piece to put on my studio wall. What should I call it though? I have no idea. Do you have any ideas?

I love the backing fabric. I saw it in my quilt shop and knew I had to use it as the backing! :)

I've been working on this table runner for a while now. I made it a little bit larger than the pattern called for (I really like the fabric and wanted to cut it at strategic places!) and so I ran out of the white blocks in the border. I thought it'd be no problem matching the marble to it, but it ended up being more difficult than I thought! I eventually had to use the WRONG side of a fabric! But I can't even tell where one ends and the other begins it matches so well! That'll teach me to think there are "rules" with using fabric! Anything goes!

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