Friday, January 21, 2011

New beginnings!

2011 is THE year.

I AM going to use more fabric than I buy.

I AM going to finish more projects than I start.

I AM going to be more organized in my quilt studio....hopefully.

Those are my three big changes for this year. Will they happen...I'll find out in December!

On the other hand I did get a few projects finished! The jungle baby quilt was quilted, bound, and appliqued at 2 am on Monday/Sunday morning! :)

I made myself another (as if I needed it) lunch bag. I think I'll use this as my lunch bag, and one of my other lunch bags I'll probably use to store 1/8 yards or something.

Another thrifty thing I made was the rice bags for microwaving and using as heating pads! I also made a small one to put in the refrigerator or freezer that you can put over your eyes after a long day! :) These first two went to the momma to be of the jungle baby quilt....I have a feeling that she may need them eventually!

I'd eventually like to make some skinnier ones and use them as the padding on the base of your keyboards and mouse pads! Why not. It's worth a try!

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