Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've been on a roll!!!

Well, since I've turned our second bedroom into my quilting studio, I've punched out a few baby burp cloths (as seen in my previous post), a laptop bag, a fall table runner, a wall hanging from a block exchange from my last years quilt guild, and a lap quilt for my grandpa...which is twin size because he's super tall! :) And I'm in the middle of another quilt that's for a person who will have to remain nameless for the time being, just in case she's reading this! :)

A couple months ago I took a co-worker to the quilt shop I work at and we took an hour to pick out two green fabrics! :) I had a great time though! It was actually really fun to get another person's ideas when she doesn't quilt! Here's the fabrics she came up with for her laptop bag....

And I should note that I came up with the general pattern from the Crafty Gemini and then made my own adjustments from there! Thanks Gemini! :) I used a couple of recycled plastic buttons for the closure and then sewed hair ties in the binding and looped them over the buttons! The last photo is the truest color.

The wall hanging was a set of 8 blocks (9 including my own) that I just threw together and am going to hang on my wall to replace some plain white wall in my new studio!

My grandpa's quilt is something that I started over a year ago but just finished up the other day. It's at the shop being quilted at the moment, as well as the wall hanging. I'll add photos once they're finished!

Just as a teaser I'll throw this photo in.... It's my scraps from a batik quilt that I've started for a friend. I'm pretty excited about it, and it's coming together quickly! Hopefully I'll have it done before hunting season so that it can be quilted by December....but we'll see.

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