Thursday, October 14, 2010

New York City!!!

I went to New York City on Tuesday and Wednesday and saw as much as humanly possible. My friend and I walked around and put on over five miles on Tuesday and saw Central Park, 5th Avenue, and TONS of other stuff including Times Square!!!

Wednesday we got up early and were on the first ferry to Liberty Island! That was really neat! We sure got our $12 worth!!!

And after all of that, on our way back to the airport on Wednesday, my friend let me stop at the City Quilter quilt shop. I say "let" in the best sense of the word. She waited patiently while the lady cut my fabric and laughed when she totaled it all up! :) The only thing that was odd was that the store was open, but we had to ring a doorbell and be buzzed in!

It was really neat in there and I wish I had more time to look around, but the airlines wait for no one. I'll go back someday though! For all those thousands of people, they only had that one quilt shop!!! Huh! Weird!

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