Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fruits of my boredom

When I'm bored I tend to rifle through my patterns, pet my fabric and tinker with my notions. Usually I take everything out, look at it, think "wow this stuff is neat! I can't wait to use it!" And then I put it all away. Well, every once in a while I end up making something completely random. Like a purse or a belt! :)

I used Moda Blush for the purse.....

And I added another small pocket (on left) for my cell phone. I hate it when my cell phone rolls around unsupervised in my purse. And then I'm going to put a button hole on the top side of the big pocket to clip my badge for work or my keys on. That way they're not rolling around either!

I had to have some of this fabric! It's from the Windham Shelburne Circus line. I thought it'd be cool to have a ton of people around my waist! And I've been meaning to make a belt this was a good 10 minute project that I embarked on last night just before I went to sleep!

I also bought some kiwi fabric to make a belt out of. It's really neat! Great to wear with a pair of jeans! A nice pop of color!

So tell me, what do you want around your waist???

Not bad for the fruits of my boredom eh? :)

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