Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's go time baby!

The moose that I created with the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. pattern was a huge hit with my friends! I gave it to them as a wedding present last month and they didn't waste any time in hanging it in their living room! :) I'm so happy for them and glad that they like it so much!

Ok....now that it's about two and a half weeks 'til my friends wedding, it's about time I finish the project that I started back in September of 2009 for her! :) The binding is waiting to be sewn together and put on.

Two months and counting....I have another project for ANOTHER friends' wedding in the middle of September. Needless to say I ironed the fabric, but nothing has been cut. It's go time.

On the wedding front, it's also go time. Wedding update: I'm Catholic. Baptized and confirmed. Can I get married in the Catholic church in Ashland, Wisconsin?!?!? Nope. Not unless I or a blood relative are members of that particular parish. Dumb. I attended church there when I went to college and Scott taught boy scouts how to fly fish in that church. We still can't be married there. Can we become a member from a distance?!?!? Nope again. That's it. The Lutheran church agreed to marry us, problem solved. Ugh! Ok. Now it's out of my system. Thank you for letting me vent and hopefully I didn't ruffle anyone's feathers with the religion ranting.

I promise, the next post will have pictures of the finished quilt that's "due" in a couple weeks! :)

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