Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More college era quilts

When I was in college the closest place for me to get fabric was Walmart. Not only did they have fabric, but it was $2.00 a yard. That was probably the biggest draw for me. I know there's a HUGE difference in feel between most Walmart fabric and all quilt shop fabric....but if I spent my senior year college tuition on quilt fabric, I have a feeling I'd come to regret that soon after! :) Needless to say for $2.00 a yard you can still make some pretty things! Here's a couple....

This one is for my nephew, Brayden. Although I didn't know if I would have a niece of nephew when I made it....so there's not much blue or pink! ;)

Then there was a blue dotted fabric that I love. There's also a coordinating stripe and then some marbled basic colors. I made a few log cabin blocks and arranged them in different ways and I have NO IDEA which one to make! I think I like arrangement #2 the best. What do you think?




That's just a project that I pulled out when I had nothing else to work on.... Now that I'm a "genuine" quilter, I have more projects than I could shake a stick at! For every project I finish I think I acquire 15 others. For all of you non-quilters you may think I'm exaggerating.....but for all you quilters, 15 is probably an understatement! :)


  1. I think the 15 additional projects is an understatement!!

    I like option 2 the best as well. Otherwise the fields and furrows of option 3.

  2. I like the 3rd best. I know I have 15 projects, but I'm pretty meticulous about not having too many.