Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm ready for the weekend!

This weekend I'm lucky enough to be able to go down to the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont, Illinois!!! :) I'll be working in the Patched Works, Inc. booth, but hopefully I'll get to run around and take some pictures! I'll post the good ones sometime next week.

Meanwhile, catching up on my other quilts that I've made.....

In college I made a couple of quilts for my boyfriend Scott. The green and blue one is a larger one, probably queen sized. If you have a queen sized bed I like to make a king sized quilt. I also turned this one and then tied it with embroidery floss.

His other one is a couch quilt....larger than a lap quilt, but not exactly a twin size.....although my lap quilts usually turn out to be lap sized, almost full sized! :) I made this one for him while he was guiding up in Alaska. During his college summers he would go up to a lodge that's set right next to Denali National Park and be a fly fishing guide. Quilting helped me fill the time until he came back!

And here's a picture of Scottie in his Alaska gear. He's been charged by grizzlies a couple of times, and he always has his Charles Daly rifle and a .40 caliber pistol on him because of them. He always took lots of pictures for me. Isn't he great?!?!? He's definitely quilt worthy!!!